Freelance Android developer available for work in and around London. If you have a need for any Android development or Android training, please get in touch.

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Published Apps

Judo Reference

Pushing 140,000 downloads.

As a black belt who has recently started teaching, I wanted to have a reference app for students. This app can help with upcoming gradings by allowing you to test yourself on techniques for a particular belt and star techniques you want to practice.

Two versions available – paid and in-app purchase.

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Football app that for the inside scoop on everything football. Founded by nine big clubs, such as Chelsea, Real Madrid and Liverpool.



Morrisons instore

This app allows collection of stock by employees to feed in to an AI system that will order stock depending on various external factors.



My Vodafone

A convenient way to check your balance, top up credit and contact customer services.

Play store link


BSG Whitelabel app

Transparently connect through to registered WISPr networks. Rebranded for clients like Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone.

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Mindful minutes

A simple app I made to help being mindful. It reminds you every day, at your specified time, to take 10 minutes out and look after your mind.

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The new Nectar app brings you more offers, more frequently, from even more brands.

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DayRate lets you see how much you’re earning at any time, with just a glance. See a notification during the time you’re working for a quick glance to see the progress for the day.

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British Gas/Limelight: SwimBritain

A swimming app to help people with their training for the SwimBritain national event. Built from scratch, guided them through the design process and designed the APIs that drive the data.

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Mr Porter

A part of the Net-a-porter brand, Mr Porter is a high end fashion app for ordering clothes, shoes and jewellery. As well as mentoring the junior developers, re-architecting the core libraries and leading training sessions, I streamlined the processes in place to help with code review and release iterations.

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A language learning company with over 35 million users. The app has been completely redesigned and the core data loading mechanism has been completely re-architected.

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 my galaxy icon

Samsung: My Galaxy

As a part of my contract with Grapple Mobile, I was required to take the existing phone application and make it tablet friendly. This involved restructuring some of the fragments, locking orientation for specific devices, keeping the APK size down while adding new assets, creating new layout files, combining lists and details in to a single view, modifying visibility of actionbar items, fixing bugs from the previous version of the app and improving performance.

Play store link


Fashionably Skint

As a part of my role at Volume, Ltd, I was working on an app called Fashionably Skint. The idea behind it is that students are able to easily swap clothes with each other.

Play store link


Caversham Festival

The annual Caversham Festival app that allows live streaming, browsing performances and information on all of the bands.

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Groove Ball

Maze game that uses the accelerometer to move the ball through the maze.

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Off the grid

Open source project I started as a tribute to the Latin Square based password generation algorithm designed by a security researcher called Steve Gibson.

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Other interesting projects

shot from inside the bird camNest box cam

Motion detection coupled with automated scripts and a website script. It captures movement from inside a birdbox and automatically edits the video and uploads it to the website every night.